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» Our current dyno records stand at (all Wheel HP)............. RWD : 768 WHP - Monaro TT .... 4WD : 680 WHP - Mitsubishi GTO FWD : 1989 WHP - Nissan Micra
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Surrey Rolling Road Ltd,
Mobile : 07787 114847

Independent Tuners

Race Teams and Independent Tuners

Use Surrey Rolling Road to tune your vehicles

We offer Race Teams and Independent tuners a powerful facility capable of handling your development needs. Our trained rolling road operator will be on hand to provide the necessary assistance while you set up and tune your vehicles.

When you use our road to tune your customers’ cars, our technician will operate the Dyno as you wish, so you can get the best results for your customers. They will also be able to monitor critical measurements from the running car and inform you of any changing conditions, ensuring the safety of your cars while being tuned.

Please note that only our trained personnel may operate our Rolling Road. This is for safety reasons.

Our road is available for bookings now. Discounts are available for heavy usage account holders

Please contact us for more details and hourly rates.


Mobile : 07787 114847

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